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About the Ministry

Praying With Purpose Ministries, Inc. is available for conferences, workshops, and seminars to teach basic and prayer-based spiritual principles as well as other prayer-related activities. We remain committed to providing Christian educational training to the community and assisting the laity around the world.


A Brief Background

Led by the Holy Spirit to use the Book of Psalms to express God's goodness and mercy toward her, Ms. Brenda S. Southerland, president and founder of PWPM, has authored multiple Christian-based books glorifying God, the Father of Mercy, Jesus Christ, our High Priest, and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter.  These books are a testimony of how the Lord Jesus has delivered Ms. Southerland and all of us from sickness and disease. Her newest book, Honoring the Father Through Prayer: an Overview of the Book of Isiah was published in 2012.

The guidelines found in Praying with Purpose are divine instructions inspired by the Holy Spirit for the development of a systematic method for daily prayer that will inspire one to commune more with the Father through prayers that are simple, scriptural, and Christ-centered. In addition to her book, Ms. Southerland has developed educational CDs and DVDs on prayer and the Seven Spiritual Principles.

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