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Book Club Notes
Join us as we follow the chronological reading schedule to read through the Bible in 2019.

It's not too late - join the schedule at the current date and start from there.

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Praying With Purpose Ministries, Inc. was created to provide prayer-based conferences, seminars & workshops, and bookso the clergy and laity. You'll experience spiritual enrichment, development, and unparalleled empowerment.

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Join our book club and grow your faith in God and Jesus Christ through  strategic Bible study. Sign up with your name and date of joining by contacting us through our contact page, and "grace and peace may be yours in abundance" (2 Peter 1:2).

Who We Are

Operating since 2002, Praying With Purpose Ministries, Inc. is a muti-faceted prayer-based Christian ministry in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our goal is to reach all of God's children by providng conferences, seminars, workshops strategic study of the Bible.  We also participate, by request, in privately held workshops and/or seminars to provide Christian educational training to the community. If you embrace these spiritual principles, a peaceful life is sure to follow.

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Vision Statement

OUR VISION is to develop, enrich, and empower via prayer-based training and instruction to the lay and clergy communities.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to teach basic spiritual principles via conferences, seminars and workshops as well as provide instruction on how these principles relate to prayer.
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